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Digital Online Art

In 2013 I visited my long-time friend and later colleague Ruben Feurer, who was working in London at the time. Together with Yves Sinka, we roamed the local galleries and museums — and came up with the idea of making digital art accessible in a virtual space: We started the online project Neverland Space, which in 2014 led to the founding of the digital agency Y7K in Zurich.

Neverland Space shows various artists in individual exhibitions. All works are based on specific programming techniques, the spectrum ranges from the simple GIF and subtly moving visuals to interactive animations and actions that find an optimal stage in Neverland Space.

The frontend, the visible surface of Neverland Space, is rendered with the JavaScript framework Three.js. The organisation and editing of the content, the curating of the digital exhibitions, takes place in the backend, which is built on the PHP framework Laravel.

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