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Each replay a new clip

The online audio video player for the guitarist, singer and songwriter Aaron Wegmann generates a unique clip every time a song is played. The concept goes back to the website that the digital agency Hinderling Volkart created in 2008 for Aaron Wegmann's first band 'Call You Back'. Back then it was created with Flash.

The principle remains exceptional even in the 2020 new edition: The individual words of the lyrics are sent as tags to the photo platforms Flickr and Unsplash, where images are selected randomly and permanently reloaded in the background of the application. The result is an endless game of songs with visuals. New every time, different every time.

The app developed for the current project is based on the PHP web framework Laravel, the frontend on the JavaScript frameworks Svelte and Alpine.js. The lyrics are synchronized with a vintage karaoke software, the backend allows differentiated fine tuning for adjusting single words and visuals.

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