Joris Noordermeer Web Development

Corporate Design & Headless Architecture

The web presence for the architectural office Krucker designed by the design studio Badesaison is a classic corporate website. It reflects the company profile and gives the user an impression of how Krucker thinks and acts.

On the surface, the content is presented in a strictly structured manner, in a lively interplay of different elements — white space, images, text — always adapted to the real situation; the size of the browser window. The filter criteria, which break down the entire content, serve for easy orientation. The topic pages are not rebuilt but are displayed in a new way by animated transitions. This looks elegant and is done completely fluidly.

The management of the data is done in the user-friendly Craft CMS, which is used for the website of Krucker Architects according to the headless principle: data storage and management in the back end is separated from the front end, a static site based on the framework Nuxt.js which obtains and presents the data via an API. A headless architecture makes a web presence more flexible to use and easier to change. Both in the backend and in the frontend a noticeable performance gain is possible.

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