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Dynamic Rulebook

Launched for the first time in 2018 at that time in cooperation between Y7K and Partner & Partner; since then reissued annually and systematically perfected: the online competition with which the Swiss Federal Railways SBB promotes large stations as diverse shopping centres.

Participating is very easy: register with your mobile phone number, win one of the many prizes that the stores located in the stations offer, and redeem it on site with the coupon that is automatically sent to your mobile phone.

The digital system in the background is highly complex but everything is done automatically, according to precisely defined rules: dynamically managing the contingent of immediate prizes available each day, returning any winnings not redeemed on time to the game, sending up to 60,000 text messages per day, identifying and blocking abuses, recording, storing and using all data and processes – right up to the main prize draw for one GA Travelcard weekly.

Watch a recording of the gameplay